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Monday, December 31, 2012

Regional WOD 4 (2012)

I have had good training this holiday season.  We did a good WOD on Saturday after the Team WOD we normally do on Saturdays.  After the Team WOD I planned to do one more thing then call it a day:

100 Shoulder to Overhead 

My time

That was it....so I thought (Considering the Team WOD was 30 Minutes Long)  But no....I got talked into a LONG WOD:

40 Min AMRAP
400 M Run
20 Pull Ups
20 OHS 115#
20 Sit Ups

My score
7 Rds

That was it.  Yesterday I took off and hung out with Fam and so far today:

EMOTM 10 Min
3 x 225# Touch and Go Cleans

3 x 255# Touch and Go Cleans


30 Hang Cleans 225
2:48 (PR 3:35)

Then after todays class I did:

Regional WOD 4 (2012)
50 Back Squats 135
40 Pull Ups
30 S2OH 135
50 Front Squats 85
40 pull ups
30 S2OH
50 OHS 65
40 Pull Ups
30 S2OH 65

My time

Now I am at home while my daughter naps thinking about something quick to do.  Get Better!


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