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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Runs & Muscle Ups

Yesterday was a pretty good training day even though I did not get to do the class WOD.  I started with some strength stuff.  I had done this awhile ago and it CRUSHED me....Today was a different story.  I got threw it fairly easy:

EMOTM 15 Min
2 Power Clean, 1 Jerk

Finished every Rd with no Fails.  I then did:

5 Rds
6 Bar MU's
6 Bench Press 185#

My time

I believe I did this before in 6:37....I felt real slow today though.  Then I decided to do the Comp WOD 1 that we did Saturday in the Thanksgiving Bash.....It still sucked:

3 Rds
15 Bar Facing Burpees (Hand release)
20 Power Clean 95#

My time

I went real slow this time for some reason.  I even thought....this sucks....after Rd 1 and wanted to stop...it hurt that bad.  All I did was mess around the rest of the day including Back and forth Wall Ball challenge, starting at 10 then your partner does 10 increasing by 1 until your partner or you quit.  I heard her say she was done at 17, so I finished 18 and went on to the class.

Today I started with:

For Time
30 Clean & Jerks 185#

My time

I thought I would pace it and go 2's the whole way.  That stopped fairly quick and I realized I should have hit a big set to start.  Next time.  Then:

Class WOD
10 Rds
5 Burpees
40 M Shuttle Sprint (10 M)
5 Deadlifts 185#
40 M Shuttle Sprint (10 M)

My time

I stayed after class and Back Squatted

Starting with 305
EMOTM 3 Back Squat increase 10# Every Min

Went to 375#

Before the 4 PM class:

20 Min AMRAP
400 M Run
7 MU's

My score
7 Rds  + 100 M

Did all the MU's unbroken so I was pretty pumped about that.  I have done this 2 times before and never went unbroken before.  Good day so far!!


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