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Friday, September 14, 2012

Heavy Deads

I wanted to take off yesterday but could not help myself with the class WOD we had.

5 Rep Front Squat
275 x 5

I was really fatigued in the knees so I stopped there.  Then:

Tabata Row
1006 M

I was happy to break 1000! Next came the WOD

12 Min AMRAP
7 Deads 315#
11 Push Press 45# DB's

My score
9 Rds + 4 Deads

They felt heavy as all get out.  I would have rather got 10+ just because it looks better, and I also rested a ton!  Today I also just did the class WOD:

20 Min AMRAP
30 Box Jumps 24"
20 Push Press 115#
30 Pull ups

My score
5 Rds + 17 pull ups

Another god WOD and had fun doing it with 4 PM class.  Should be done for the day.  Get Better!


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