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Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Cleans for Time

I took off yesterday and only did 2 things on Saturday.  I started with some cleans:

30 Cleans for Time

My time

Grip burner!  I just couldn't hold the bar after awhile.  Then I went ahead and joined Ryan Grant in a WOD:

20 Min EMOTM
4 Front Squat 245# - Odd Minutes
2 Shoulder to OH - Even Minutes

I could have gone heavier here but it was the first time doing this.  The OH did get real heavy with a lot of pressure on the wrists.  Then came a rest day which was nice to spend with the wife.  I also cheated a lot.....we ate at a sushi restaurant, I had 3 beers, I ate a small tub of ice cream, and had a large dominos pizza (split with the Mrs.)  This was because I am starting the 9 Week Lurong Paleo Challenge today and I have not had a day like yesterday in a LONG time....so I figured.....why not today!

As for today.....eating has been spot on.  My smoothie (blueberries, banana, coconut Milk, Spinach, Apple Cider Vinegar) followed by a coffee at 9.  Eggs loaded with veggies for brunch at 11.  Some Pro strength after a WOD at 1 and then Chicken breast with veggies and later I will have homemade Chicken salad with carrots!  Good Day!

I plan to still train some more today, but here is what I got in so far......

Snatch Work
Only went to 225#

I was working on getting under the bar.  I have not been snatching a lot so I want to get back into it. Then:

Main Site from the other Day
30 Clean & Jerks 185#

My time

I was wanting to be low 3 or under 3 but again the grip was just trashed.  Next came a WOD that I love and have been meaning to do for awhile:

3 Rds
30 KBS 53#
25 Wall Balls
20 Pull ups

My time

Grip AGAIN!  Loved it though.  I plan to hit the class WOD and get some other work in!  Good Day to get better!!!


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