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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Push Presses and DU's

Yesterday was a fun day of training.  It started with a Main Site WOD I programmed for the box:

5 Rds
25 Push Presses 75#
50 DU's

My time

I was happy to get under 7...but this was much harder then I thought it would be on the shoulders.  I did the 2K Row I talked about yesterday right after this.  Then I did:

Squat Snatch Isabel

My time

I love this WOD because it burns and is quick.  Problem is I seem to think I should get this in the lower 2's not high 2's.  I will keep working these medium weights.  I then decided to throw in some bench:

Death by Bench

My score
14 Rds + 11

I had a guess that 14 would be the end at this one.  I was able to push through and get into the Rd of 15's.  It always feel nice to bench since I do it so little and you get to lie down the entire time!

I through the bar up on the rack and then went for some light squats:

135# Back Squat

My score

I felt really slow on this and resorted to going by 5's after about the first 30.  A nice little burn to end.  I hope today is just as good of a training day as yesterday was.


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