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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CrossFit Games start today

I am sitting at my desk in the box listening to the CrossFit Games WOD 1...the TRI!  It is awesome to have this available.  I would have loved to be going through the pain with them but this is the next best thing.

Yesterday I did not do a whole lot but somehow I am wrecked today.....deciding to take an off day today and watch/listen to the Games.  I started yesterday with:

30 MU's

My time

I was not to happy with this but but I still have not been doing to much on the rings or bars.  Because I have been steering away from it with the tendentious I have lost focus on including the use of them as much as possible. I then did a burner:

3 Rds
Max Wall Balls
10 Burpees

My scores

This was ridiculous.  I could not hold the ball after my first wall balls.  I then took some time off and went on a short run to the end of a local neighborhood.  Not to long but a nice run.  Seeing the Tri for the Games has me wanting to run more.

Box Neighborhood Run

Then in the afternoon with Caitlin I did some sprints.  But before the sprints I deadlifted:

1 Rep Deadlifted

I pulled this easy.  I wanted to do the CrossFit total but had a big class, so I just decided to pull 505 which was on one of the bars of an athlete.  Then the run right after:

12 100M Sprints
:20 to make the run :20 rest

This burns the Hamstrings and also my right foot was on fire!!!


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