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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clean & Jerk PR

I was not able to do much this weekend.  We were traveling a lot and relaxing....which had me lazy when I had the time to do something.  So, Monday I wanted to get some work done.  My sister was in town and I was running errands all day but needed to find a way.  I started with a quick WOD between classes and hit a PR:

Hang Power Clean 95#
Wall Ball 20#


I went unbroken on this and felt great a out it.  I then did:

30 Power Cleans 225#

My time

I was not to happy about this.  I feel I should be much better and faster at this.  So, after the next class I wanted to go heavy on my cleans:

Max Clean & Jerk
325# (PR)

335# (FAILED Jerk...PR on Power Clean)

Pumped I hit this and glad I taped it.  An ugly clean but none the less a good lift.  I then went for 335 and hit it but failed the jerk.  I know I will get this soon.  I now need to test my Squat Clean Max.  The class was doing 12.1 Open WOD and I wanted to Jump in so I did.

Open WOD 12.1
7 Min AMRAP Burpees

My score

I paced it the entire time and ended with this.  Last time I went all out and died so I figured I would improve even though I have slacked on my burps.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  Next time I will beat it.  That was my day.


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