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Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had a couple good WODs to end the week. On Thursday I started with some strength:

1 rep push jerk

My weight

I did this pretty easily and called it there to start this as my weekly progression. I then hit a brutal WOD!

5 rds
15 SDHP 75#
15 Thrusters 75#

My time

Hurt!! Best word to use about this. I the. Hit one WOD on Friday and that was enough:

30 Min AMRAP
5 deadlifts 275#
13 push ups
9 box jumps 24'

My score
26 rds

I had about 8 sec to get another dead but wanted nothing to do with it. My back was tired from Tuesdays dead sand this really showed. My goal was more then 23 so I was happy.

I then took off yesterday and hit a quick WOD today.

5 rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 53#

My time

Again, a good burner. Plan to have a busy week. Get better!


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