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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death x Clean & Jerk

I have been overcoming nagging tendentious that I got about 1 month before Regionals but never slowed down to let it heal up.  So, since not making it to the Games I have decided to limit my volume and what movements I am doing.  I have not done any pulling (other then Deadlifts) since Regionals.  The other day I did:

CrossFit Total
Back Squat
435# PR
205# PR
505# Tied PR

I was very happy to get PR's in the Squat and Press.  It was a 30# PR for the Squat and a 10# PR for my Press.  I only was hoping for at least 485 on the Dead, so pulling 505# was awesome, matching my PR.

Today I did the Class WOD

Death x Clean & Jerk 135#

My score
11 Rds + 10 Cleans (PR)

This is not my forte, I NEED to get better at moving medium to heavy loads more over shorter periods of time.  This is my new Main Goal.  I new this in the past but did not concentrate enough on it in the past because of so many other needs I had.  But, seeing what happened in Regionals, and where I struggled I need this to change.

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