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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rowing WOD

Yesterday I moved up on my Deadlift progression:

5 Rep Deadlift
455 x 5

Next week is 465 x 5 which will be a 5 rep PR.  I then did a WOD with some of the girls:

5 Rds
500 M Row
20 Wall Balls 20#

My time

Today I decided to take a rest day, the only thing I did do was:

10 Rds
Every :30
3 Squat Cleans 135#

This got my back loosened up.  I wanted to do more, but again, my tendentious is holding me back.  I still have not been doing any pulling....other then this weekend doing Murph (33:20).  It is getting better but slowly!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Better

Today my arms are feeling better.  I am still staying away from any pulling motions but I pushed a lot.   I started with the You Challenge WOD:

You Challenge
10 Rds:
20 DU's
5 Burpees

My time

This was a good burner, just what I was looking for.  I then wanted to squat, but not to heavy:

15 Rep Front Squat


20 Min AMRAP:
10 Push Press 115#
10 KBS 1.5 Pood
10 Box Jumps 24/20'

My score
15 Rds + 2 KBS

Great Day!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death x Clean & Jerk

I have been overcoming nagging tendentious that I got about 1 month before Regionals but never slowed down to let it heal up.  So, since not making it to the Games I have decided to limit my volume and what movements I am doing.  I have not done any pulling (other then Deadlifts) since Regionals.  The other day I did:

CrossFit Total
Back Squat
435# PR
205# PR
505# Tied PR

I was very happy to get PR's in the Squat and Press.  It was a 30# PR for the Squat and a 10# PR for my Press.  I only was hoping for at least 485 on the Dead, so pulling 505# was awesome, matching my PR.

Today I did the Class WOD

Death x Clean & Jerk 135#

My score
11 Rds + 10 Cleans (PR)

This is not my forte, I NEED to get better at moving medium to heavy loads more over shorter periods of time.  This is my new Main Goal.  I new this in the past but did not concentrate enough on it in the past because of so many other needs I had.  But, seeing what happened in Regionals, and where I struggled I need this to change.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starting Small

I am developing a program for myself to begin next week.  Not sure what it will completely entail, thus still in the development phase.  In the meantime I am doing the class WODs.  Yesterday I started with some strength not done in the class:

5 Rep Shoulder Press

Tied my PR at 175 and left it at that. Then I moved on to:

3 Rep Push Press

I had plans to keep going up but I got distracted with some things I needed to take care of and never finished.  Then came the class:

20 Min AMRAP
400 m Run
10 Push Press 95#

My score
8 Rds + 300 M

This was horrible, I have not been running enough and my lower back and calves were fried.  Tomorrow should be another light day.  I am hoping my new training will be smarter and make me good enough to not just make it out of the Region next year but do it without being in a close race.  Get Better...


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Training starts Today

I started my linear progression on the deadliest today.  Time to get stronger and faster today.  I feel I am ready to take another step forward in my training and go into another level of competition.  One that I am chasing in my competitors/friends who are going on to the games now.  My body is feeling pretty good and I am ready:

5 Rep Deadlift
445 x 5


150 Wall Balls

My time

I hit my first 60 wall Ball unbroken and then broke up the set into 10-12 reps.  I have to get more capacity in this movement.  Planned to keep it light.  I am not planning to let myself slack and drop down in capacity, or strength and then have to "build" it back up.  Let's do this....I want to be and will be better!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Back at it

Well,  Regionals had come and gone.  Difference this year is no moving on....sucks!  That is an obvious statement though.  A good thing is that the guys going are well deserving and were better then me this weekend.  I had a blast and loved every second of this experience.  I love the CrossFit community and being a part of it!  So thank you to everyone who was there cheering all of us on and for those who were cheering from a far.


We had 5 guys coming in this year who had been to the Games.  Next year we will have 7 guys coming in to Regionals having been to the Games with another handful who could make it in many other Regions.  That is the hardest part, it is only getting tougher and requires more dedication.  It is hard to dedicate a whole year to 1 weekend and then go home from that weekend thinking about doing it all over again for another weekend in a year.  I physically feel good after the weekend and again, learned a lot.  I will be trying some new things in my training....but I will be having some fun with it for a little while as well, not stressing to much about it.

I am going to take the day off today and then begin all over again tomorrow.  I will be back at the blog again daily and push to get better.

Here were my standing from this weekend:

1:47 (PR)


4:52 (This one I was mad about.  I had over 10 no reps and was not sure why.  I did everything I was supposed to but he kept saying "no Rep"  it completely based me physically and mentally to feel like I was going fast only to keep taking steps backwards.


255# - 44 Double Unders


WOD 4 and 6 were slower then when I practiced.  WOD 6 being that I went out to fast and my grip went out during the T2B.  In WOD 6 it was the 3rd Rd of pull ups that really slowed me down.  Still awesome.

Again, great people representing our regional and another year of getting better!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Leaving for Columbus tomorrow to begin the next step towards there Games.  Get top 3 move on...anything else goes home!  Time to lay all this years work on the line in Columbus and do what I can do!  So ready to get this started!