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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yesterday ended up being a good day but I felt week. Started with:

1 Rep Front Split Jerk
275 - 295 (F)

I called it after the fail because I felt I was getting nothing out of doing this.  Then I went right into:

2 K Row

My time

Horrible as ever,  still glad I did it.  I ALWAYS need to row. I had a nice rest and then hit a WOD with Tara.....a redo from last week:

Filthy 50

My time

This was worse then last week but my quads were fried from the rowing and I felt it throughout.  The real killer was that I broke 6 time on my doubles....last time I went unbroken.  It would have been about the same time if I would have went unbroken on the doubles.  I tried to game the one to much as well and actually hurt myself on some of them movements....you live and learn.

Later in the afternoon I did the You Challenge WOD but did it backwards:

Squat Snatch 155#

My time

This was supposed to be Sq Snatch and then MU's...oh well.  I then had a brake and hit something real quick:

3 Min MAx Squat Snatch
2 Min Max GHD's

My scores

This was a great quick burner.  Called it a day after this.

So far this morning I hit a long time friend from last year:

Deadlift 315
Box jump 30'

My time

I was not feeling this when I started.  The weight felt really heavy when I was warming up but I made myself push through it.  I was happy with the time.  I know it a comp i can cut out  A LOT of time.  Had some wasted time but bounded every BJ which i have never done.  Next time sub 4 in a non comp atmosphere and I will be stoked! I will be training with Adrian this afternoon which will be a  lot of fun to have a push!


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