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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tim Man and Elizabeth

I have had a good last few days. I went for some PRs today with 2 WODs and then hit burps.

Tin Man
5 Rds
5 power clean 205
5 Bench Press 205

My time 3:38

 I went unbroken. On the cleans until rd 5 when I dropped after 5. On the bench I broke 3-2 on rd 3 and 4. I was happy with this being I know my it e was much slower last time. Them I hit another Bench Mark:

Squat Clean 135
Ring Dips

My time
3:37 (only did 20 reps on the clean)

I am upset but will redo this next week. I am excited about hitting this again. Tonight I then went ahead and hit 50 burps:

50 Burpees 

I finally broke 1:40 again after a few rough days. Happy about this and look forward to findi g out the Regional WODs this week!


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