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Monday, April 30, 2012


The first batch of Regionals are over and the first group of athletes are now able to prepare for The 2012 CrossFit Games....what an amazing feeling that must be.  In two weeks I plan to have the same experience for myself.  I have been training in prep for Regionals and have been taking much more rest then usual to get my body recovered and ready.  I am planning a complete run through Monday - Wednesday as if I were at the comp.

I finished the first 2 WODs thus far and feel good.  Diane is a good work out for me because the weight is light and the HSPU are not a problem for me.  The next WOD I like a lot as well:

2000 M Row
50 Pistols
30 Hang Cleans 225

I am not a big fan of rowing but on this WOD it is not about the row, instead it is the pistols and the Cleans.  The x factor in the row is how much does it take out of you?  I am really excited about these.

The other WODs are great as well.  I am most looking forward to the snatch.  I absolutely love the lift....not as much as Aja Barto though....I do not plan to come close to making it through the ladder.  I am hoping for at least 255 though.  245 would make me happy and 255 would be icing!  It will all come down to technique.

Tomorrow I will be hitting the DB Snatch WOD and then WOD 4.  I am trying to see how my body will react to the weekend.  I am ready for the weekend to be here May 11-13!!!!!

Below is my lunch today from the deli, Romaine and Field Greens with eggs, ham, and imitation Crab Meat which I ate before I took the pick along with water and then a Pike coffee from Starbucks for desert.  I used Balsamic Vinaigrette for the dressing.  It was one of those small packets and I used half of it.

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