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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It always feels like you have time to train and prepare....and then BAM, the event/competition is here.  Just like that the Open came and went.  It was a lot of fun and am so excited for the next Rd...REGIONALS in Columbus, OH.  We have a stacked region full of all kinds of Beasts and I am excited to get to train side by side with all of them and have the fastest exerciser WIN!

One thing about Regionals that is unlike any other CrossFit competition is that we know what the WOD's are....still random but COMPLETELY KNOWABLE!  It is almost like another element to CrossFit....we train for the unknown and unknowable, but what about the knowable.  To me, it is almost worse to know because psychologically it really messes with you.  Last year I was more praying that my body would hold up and this year I am going to use it as a gauge.  I know I am a lot better and if that demonstrated the outcome of Regionals then I would go to the Games.  Problem is...EVERYONE is better!

Recently having more time in a gym, considering I now own and run CrossFit 061.  I have more time to train.  I also have more time to train properly.  Normally I crammed as much as I could into 1.5-2 hours and then did nothing.  Now I can cool off and then warm back up a few hours later for something else.  This is still a new concept but reminds me more of what a competition will be like.  For this reason I like it.  The reason I don't is because I don't rest....I say, "TODAY IS A REST DAY..."  And then some how find myself working out.  SO today I am forcing a rest day.

Here is what I did yesterday:

5 Rds
400 M Run
15 OHS 95#

My time

I either ran slow or it is farther to do this WOD at my new box then where I did my old PR of 11:08.  None the less still a good WOD.  Later I did:

3 Rep Push Press
255 x 3

I want to say this was a 3 rep PR but am not 100% on that.  I then went into one that was awesome and needed!

5 Rds
1 Min Push Press 95#
1 Min Ball Slams 30#
1 Min Front Squat 95#
-1 Min Rest-

My scores

Then today I hit some WOD's with Adrian:

Death by KBS
2 Pood
alternating (1 do 1 he does 1 on up until someone failed)

I was the one that quit after finishing 16 Rds.  It took just under 10 Minutes.  Next:

20 Min AMRAP alternating Minutes
1 Deadlift 315#
1 T2B
1 Burpee

My score
12 Rds + 7 Deadlifts

This worked where I started and after 1 minute he started, after he completed a minute I picked up where I left off and so on until 20 Minutes.  So we each did 10 Minutes worth of work.  I stole this from Blair Morrisson, but tweaked it so me and Adrian could do it.  Then came one I have wanted to do for awhile:

10 Min AMRAP
2 Clean & Jerks 185#
1 Rope Climb 17ft

My score
11 Rds even

I was feeling all the pulling here!  I went ahead and then I ran some sprints in the back.  Good day.


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