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Monday, April 23, 2012

Regionals Getting Close

Every day we get closer to Regionals.  I am very excited and love the WODs!  I need to thank Andy Breden and his fire station for allowing me to use their 100# DB's.....this helps me out a lot.  I have ran through all the WODs except the DB one.  I feel good about them, like I said but the true gauge will come after next weekend when we start to see some times posted.

I want to also apologize about my lack of posts.  I am taking this season very serious and want to focus on training and recovery and am not blasting everything out there like I normally do.  I did do Diane yesterday as a 3rd team WOD for a throw down we had at the box:


I know I will get faster then this at Regionals.  At this point my Hamstrings were fried but I felt good about where I was.  I plan to take most of the day off today and then make a big push the rest of the week until starting to really taper the following weeks.

My diet has been really good as well other then lacking food at time with being so busy at the box...which is doing awesome.  I have been strict pale with occasional cheats and am feeling great!  Hope to keep improving and be in Cali come July!


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