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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deadlift PR! 505#

Well....the work paid off.  I finally hit 500+ on my deadliest.  I can honestly say I never thought this would ever happen.  But, I always had in the back of my mind that if I kept plugging away I would eventually get it, and I did!  The day started as normal:

5 Rep Shoulder Press

I failed the 5th rep on 175 but that is still a PR because I got it 2x last time.  I then jumped into a good WOD:

5 Rds
15 Thrusters 95
15 Bar-facing Burpees

My time

Now for the good stuff.  I decided why not go for it now.  I rested about 30 minutes and then started warming up my deadlift:

1 Rep Deadlift Max
475 x 1
505 x 1 (PR)
515 x 1 (FAILED)

This has been my goal for along time and I have been working towards it since the Games.  Deadlifts have always been my weakest Link....at least in my opinion.  I still feel that way unless I can prove it otherwise in competition.  It has always been what has held me back in competitions.

Right as I finished Adrian walked in and then we got after it.

5 Rds
65 ft Handstand Walk
100 DU's

My time


20 Rep Back Squat

We then went outside after a rest:

5 Rds
1 person 100 M Sled pull 90# + Sled
100 M Sprint
-tag partner and then he goes-

This was brutal on the legs after the squats.  Your rest is while you partner works.  It took us just under 12  Minutes.  Great training day!



  1. Do you follow a program for your deadlifts?

  2. Yes, I do Linear progression on a 5 rep scheme weekly.