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Monday, April 9, 2012

Clean & Jerk PR

The other day I hit another PR and made my first video on my computer.....and it did not take long!

I hit 315 above and then tried 325, but did not squat clean it like I should have.  Bad form...Still happy with a 10# PR.  I look for more.

I took the entire weekend off after a very productive week.  I got a lot of work in but started to feel really beat up so I gave myself a much deserved rest.....plan to hit it hard again.  I am starting the day off with some light work and then hitting Filthy 50 again this afternoon and trying to beat last weeks 16:42.  I was disappointed that this was so far off my PR.  I want sub 15 with a ultimate goal down the road of sub 14.  For that to happen it comes down to less sets on the K2E and the Wall Balls.  More to come later....

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