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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sled Pulls and Deadlifts

Today we had a great 9 AM class and then I got some work done after talking with Michiana 360, they help promote local small businesses and have an awesome owner.  After the work I went outside with Brad and Tara to do some Sled pulls:

20 Min Team AMRAP
40 M Down, Pull sled + 2 45# Plates
40 m Back. Pull Backwards

Got through 7 Rds + 40 M

We did this as a team.  1 person worked at a time going down and back and we kept rotating through for 20 Min.  Then I got some work done on my car, some more work done at the box and then hit a WOD from Caitlyn.  It crushed me:

5 Rds
12 Deadlift 315
14 Burpee box Jump 24'

My time

Calling it a day.  I am going to pick up and play with Jada until she passes out.  Then relax with my wife when she gets home!  Getting better everyday.....I LOVE CROSSFIT!


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