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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Internet and 12.4

I am online at the box now!  I am excited to be ready to begin taking members and start the first Elements class on Monday.  As for training I had a great day of training on Tuesday and was limited on what I did yesterday.  Today I hit Open WOD 12.4:

CFG 12.4: 12 Min AMRAP
150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

My score

I had to tape this because I am not affiliated on the Games page.  So, next week will be video submission as well.  After the WOD me and Tara did:


My time

I went 17 unbroken and then pretty much did singles after that.  Than a nice run around the area into a 1 K Row:

For Time
Run around Toscana Park
1 K Row

Run took: 13:22
Row: 1:37

I stopped after about 5 pull on the row because it was not set up right for me so I lost some time.  I plan to get some more work in today but I have to pick up my daughter and get some things done.  We will see.

Deadiflted when I got home:

435 x 5
455 x 2

I wanted 455 by 3 but it hurt!


  1. Nick - Box looks great... any info on available times yet?

  2. Box opens April 2nd:
    5:30 am
    7 am
    9 am
    4 pm
    5:30 pm
    7 pm

    9 am
    open gym 10-12

  3. Great job on 12.4, Nick!
    ~karen w.

  4. Awesome score. And the box looks great too!

  5. Nick. Awesome score. What's your diet like ? Are you paleo? Zone? Some weighed and measured , take any supplements ?
    Help a fellow crossfitter out! Keep workin hard

  6. Wow, a 1k row in 1:37--that is truly an unbelievable time! great job.