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Monday, March 12, 2012

Internet coming soon

I have been without Internet for awhile making it hard to keep up with the blog. I assure you things have been busy here and coming Thursday I will have Internet in the box. I am very excited for this so I can stop having to travel around to fins WiFi and be a ble to stay put in the Box. We have been in. Now since Friday and Satirday I was able to do my first WOD in here. I was alone and it was random:

5 Rds
5 Back Squat 225
10 Ball slams 30#

My time

I also did a good oe yesterday in a team. It included a buy in of 200m prowler push and the same as a buy out. I was not able to get , what I felt to be good training in with all the moving around and setting up we had to do. 

Today has been much better....started with:

7 min AMRAP
10 pull ups
10 box jumps 24 (can rebound off the top)

My score
11 rds + 2 box jumps (may have been 12 rds)

-5 min rest-

5 min AMRAP
135 Squat clean thruster

My score 30

-1 min rest-

15 Air Squats
12 HR push ups
9 Ball Slams 30#

My score
6 rds + 2 squats

These were good and thanks to Tara for going through it with me. Next:

For time
30 MU's

My time
5:03 (PR)

Not happy with the time even though it was a PR.  I felt it should have been better  It was my first time using the rings and they were not set right so I had to adjust them in the WOD and lost between :30 - :40 sec. Then I did some presses and Cleans:

5 rep Shoulder Press
115-125-135-145-155-165(did not even get one)

Max reps at 135 (no rest from final shoulder press set, stripped weight and went)

Then warmed up to 275 power clean:

2 power cleans 275

The 275 got heavy and my hands are still not healed from the Arnold when I tore both hands doing bar MU. They keep cracking on the middle of my hand and keep tearing open. IT HURTS and I want it healed. Next I did Main Site.

Main Site
JT 21-15-9
Ring Dips
Push ups

My time

Shoulders are officially fried. Not sure if I will do anything else but we will see how the body feels. Get better for Regionals!!!!


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