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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun one yesterday, lots of Lunges today

I got to the box in the morning and jumped right into a WOD I thought of the night before:

Power Snatch 95#
Pull Ups

My time

I felt comfortable during this and went unbroken on the pull ups and then after the first Rd went singles but at a consistent pace.  I had a bunch more planned but I jumped up for a rope and my back tightened up.  It stopped me from doing anything the rest of the day.  I have it taped now and have been icing it.  I think it is going to force me to rest, or at least limit some things for a couple days.  Because of this I decided to lunge this morning:

For Time
400 Walking Lunges

My time

I just walked....and walked...until I finished 400 lunges.  This always fells better the farther you get into it.  I am hopping to play around with some stuff at the  box but nothing really structured the rest of the day.  We are having anyone who wants at the box today because their is a big St.  Patrick's Day party going on here.  So, if your up this way come on by.  Hopefully my back feels really good tomorrow,  I am looking at it as I need the rest!

And....on a side note.  I got a call from HQ and they said because of all the discussion about my video they had to do something and after reviewing it multiple times their were some reps they were not 100% about and they are taking away 6 MU's and a Wall Ball.  So my score will be 260 once adjusted.  It is what it is, I can understand, they just told me to go get it validated at a box next time or change the camera angle because it would look better from the side and less questionable.  So, 260 now.  They said they review the top 100 people, which is only me because no one else has videos...haha.  I completely agree with them and am glad that they take the time to put so much detail into getting the ones right that they have some control over.  12.5 next week!  Planning to submit video again....I will try to not get no repped this time!!!!!



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  2. Sorry to hear about the no reps... has to be more difficult with a video submission and hundreds of judges online as opposed to someone working out at their local affiliate with a friend scoring them. Love the attitude though. Good luck in 12.5