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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deadlift PR

I am happy about today's training....another Deadlift PR and some good WODs.  Started the day with using the prowler:

50 Ft Prowler Push down
50 Ft Prowler Push back
30 DU's

My score
5 Rds

Then I rested about 30 minutes and hit a Hero WOD I had scheduled for today:

75 Snatches 75#

My time

I went ahead and rested again and then did a WOD I had thought of last night:

5 Rds
6 Bar MU's
6 Bench 185#

My time
7 Min Even

-5 Min Rest-

Max MU's

I was not to happy about 8 MU's because I felt good until 8 and fatigue set in.  Then came the PR....Deadlift time.  I was not feeling the greatest about going for a 10 rep Max but I ddi it anyway:

10 Rep Max Deadlift
425 x 10 (PR)

PUMPED is an understatement.  I am hoping to hit 500 next week.  Big plans and getting better!


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