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Monday, March 19, 2012


Yesterday we had some issues with the uploading of my 2nd attempt at 12.4.  I decided to redo it after I saw it would drop me out of the top 50 in the world and I knew I could get 260+ not being fresh.  Yesterday started with:

15 Min AMRAP
200 M Run
10 Ring Dips (from a MU)
10 Ball Slams 30#
10 GHD

My score
6 Rds + 100 M

This was a god one but did not help me for the Open WOD later that day:

CrossFit Games 12.4

My score

The video is on the Games Site.  I did it at 6:00 and we had so many issues.  I was on the phone with CrossFit and had to e-mail it to them to verify.  Then I had to get it onto Vimeo so they could attach it to my account because You Tube was not allowing me to upload it.  No fun!  Needless to say we are all good!

Today has been a good training day and was the first official non official day of CrossFit 061 being open. We had a FREE WOD at 7 and then Elements at 9 am and again later tonight at 7.  Today started with:

Back squat 185 x 10


For Time
400 M Run
21 Back Squat 95
21 Ring Push ups
400 M Run
15 Back Squat 95
15 Ring Push ups
400 m Run
9 Back Squat 95
9 Ring Push ups
400 M Run

My time

Then we had some fun with:

Push Jerk
295 x 1

Did not want to go any higher because of me not being 100% confident that it is 100%.  No pain though! Next:

4 Rds
400 M Row
15 Thrusters 95#
15 KBS 2 Pood

My time

I got bored later in the after noon and did:

Death by Burpee
17 Rds even

Power Clean & Jerk
295 x 1
305 x 1 (FAILED)

I decided to shower but then as soon as I got out decided to do another WOD before the 7 PM class:

Death by 95# Power Snatch
12 Rds + 12

I gave in to the pain on this one....calling it a day.  So nice to be able to keep working out if you feel good.  We will see how I feel tomorrow.  Another big day.


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