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Monday, February 20, 2012

Snatches & MU's, Death by 10M

I was up nice and early this morning because Jada did not want to sleep. So from 4-6:30 I was trying not to fall asleep.  I wanted to make sure that Chels stayed in bed because she busted open her shin on a box jump yesterday and got 8 Stitches!  Her first time having stitches and it was a BAD cut.  Once she was up and good to go I headed to the Box and hit:

Death by Power Clean

My score
12 Rds + 11 Cleans

This was rough.  I went through the 10's unbroken but then at 11 had to drop the bar.....and as always it spiraled down from there.  I took about 15-20 Minutes rest and then hit another WOD I saw from Jason Khalipa:

15 Min AMRAP
5 Muscle Ups
5 Squat Snatches 135

My score
9 Rds + 3 Mu's

Good WOD.  After this the class started so I did the WOD with them:

Death by 10 M

My score
19 Rds + 18

I wanted 20 Rds but it was not in the cards today.  Looking forward to a good day of training all day tomorrow...then the wife's Birthday on Wednesday followed by the first Open WOD that night.  Should be a fun day!  Getting better!


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