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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rowing, WOD 11.2, and 10 Rep DL PR

Today was a good day both in the box and with the Family.  I started out after teaching the AM class and did Main Site from a few days ago with Karen:

For Time
2 K Row
50 Wall Balls
1 K Row
35 Wall Balls
500 M Row
20 Wall Balls

My time

I felt like I warmed up on the 1 K row as weird as that sounds.  I was slow on the 2 K with a 7:30 time and then broke the 50 wall balls up a lot.  I took about 45 minutes and then hit:

Open WOD 11.2
9 Deadlifts
12 Hand release Push ups
15 Box jumps 24'

My score
13 Rds + 4 Push ups

I went unbroken the whole time but took more time then I should have between movements because I was feeling pretty good when the WOD was over. 

I headed out and ate at Chels's Gmas's and then came back to do a WOD with her before we went and saw a movie together:

Front Squat 135
Chest 2 Bar

My time

Much tougher then I thought this would be.  A good one....we then ran out and saw the Vow, picked up Jada, got coffee, and checked out CrossFit 061.  It is really coming along....soon that will be my 2nd home.  When we got home I did:

10 Rep Deadlift
405 x 10

I was happy to finally get 405 x 10.  Keep moving that deadlift up is what I say! 


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