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Friday, February 17, 2012

Globo Gym Tabata Sprints

Next Friday....that is the day in my head all the time now.  The 24th of February....2 days after my wife's Birthday, 2 days after the Open starts, and 3 days before my brothers birthday.  The significance......That is the last day as an ATT employee and the day before Full Time employee of CrossFit 061.  It will be a great day....the end a a chapter and the beginning of a new journey that will be full of awesomeness!  I am ready for all the ups and downs. 

Back to earth now.  I went to the Globo gym at lunch:

Tabata Sprints
8.5 MPH
12% Incline

Of course they hurt.  I decided to go run a little more after but at an easy pace

1 Mile (7 Laps)

Like a I said an easy pace.  A lot of the time was spent dodging people.  They walk in packs on the track which is only 2 lanes so I feel like a bicycle rider yelling....to your right!  I then headed back to work.  I plan to hit a nice little met-con tonight and then try to go to the box in the morning tomorrow.

Tonight I hit a WOD that was pretty rough:

3 Rds
20 Squat Cleans 135
10 Wall CLimbs

My time


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