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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Active Rest

Well.....I have the best wife, tons of leftovers for lunch:

I also have a salad with salami and 5 chicken wings with celery at work to go with this awesome food.  My wife made the chicken for the super bowl and pictured above (I worked on getting it to show right side up with no luck) I have beef stew with red peppers, orange peppers, onions, grass fed beef, carrots, and mushrooms that she had roast in the crock pot for a few hours.  The white stuff is mashed cauliflower, a favorite of mine.  She also makes awesome cauliflower rice.  My staple is included in this, peas, normally I will have some sort of meat mixed with them but today....just peas.  They are frozen and I eat about half a bag at a time.

I have my apple that I eat with peanut butter or almond butter.  Currently I have a big thing of smuckers peanut butter that I will be going to town on later this morning.  And last but not least....probably the thing I am looking forward to the most stuffed peppers.  I have 2 of them here a red and yellow pepper stuffed with grass fed beef and diced veggies.....SO GOOD!  Excited for my lunch and snacks throughout the day.  It is an open to close shift today.

I plan to head out to the Globo gym today for a swim.  I am going to work on technique in the water since the last time I swam was.....well....the ocean at the games.....let just say I need some practice.

Swimming was hard, trying to teach yourself to do something efficiently when you don't know where to start is hard.  I need to do this at least 2 days a week.  WOW.  I was swimming 50 M at a time with short rests and it was rough.  I need to figure out the whole breathing thing.  Tough when your under water. 


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