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Thursday, February 2, 2012

30 MU's and SUPER BOWL!

I got up today as every normal Thursday and headed to the box for the 5:30 class.  After the class I got a call that Jada was sick and I needed to get home so my wife could go to work and I could take her to the doctor.  Hurry up mode....here's how it went:

60# Sandbag 50ft run
6 Over the box jumps 20'
60# Sandbag 50ft run
10 Push Press 45

I just missed 8 Rds.  Then I grabbed my weighted vest:

30 MU's w weighted Vest (20-25#)

My time

I had some issues and plan to crush this next time.  I did 4 unbroken dropped hit 1 and then failed....and kept failing 5 more times.  Eventually I realized the rings were set to low.  I raised them up a few inches and then was back at it when the clock said 3:30.  I did not have another failed rep.  It took a lot out and I had no idea why I could not get one.  I was not able to get a big enough kip to get the transition.  I will remember that.  After this I jumped into a WOD with Tara:

12 Clean & Jerks 95
20 DU's

-1 Min Rest

7 DL 225
4 MU's

-1 Min Rest-

Max Walking Lunges 45 plate OH

I was in such a hurry that all I remember is that on the deads my hands were raw and that I did 64 Walking lunges.

When I got back from the doctor I brought Jada down in the basement and she played while I deadlifted up to 425, and again my hands were fried.  I kept trying different things to use at straps or grips....I found 1 of my old power lifting straps....only 1...I then grabbed a yoga strap and pulled 405 with it.....and then immediately dropped it.  I went ahead dropped the weight down to 405 and pulled it for 5 and decided to take the little lady upstairs.  I then got ready for work (even though it was my day off) and my grandparents in law came over to watch her while I went in.

As far as the Super Bowl goes I will be there with Reebok promoting CrossFit.  We are ding a WOD before the celebrity football game in the sand......we will see how that goes.  I will be out there all day and it is going to be awesome.  Cannot wait, I am heading to Indy tomorrow and crossing my fingers to meet some celebs and potentially get tickets!  Pretty sure that is a long shot but a Crossfitter can dream!


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