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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Challenge & and EMOTM

I started the day off with the class WOD.....modified of course.  Even though we had a TON of snow we had a great turn out for the 5:30 AM class.  The WOD was in teams but for me I did:

30 Min: Row 200 M w/1 Min rest  between

I did this while the class was going in teams of 3-4.  Some of my rest periods were :45 sec and others were 2 minutes.  It all depended.  Overall I rowed 3300+ M.  It was good for me to do this.  I rowed anywhere from a 1:22 - 1:57.  It varied on how the previous sprint went.  After this I did:

You Challenge
2 Ring HSPU
4 Squat Snatch 165#
250 M Row

My time

Video of me and Karen doing the WOD

After this I took about 20 Minutes and then did something that just came to me about 5 Min before starting:

100 Power Cleans 135#
EMOTM 2 Mu's (start w/MU's)

My time

This was brutal and felt like it was never ending.  Eventually I was doing 3-2-1 and occasionally 3-2-2 rep scheme in between MU's/  I did not fail a MU yet the entire time was worried that I would.  I had planned to be at the box until 10 because I was going into work late, but during the 5:30 class I got a message that I need to come in early so I headed back home at 8 AM to head out on my hour trip to work.  I am hoping to get home at a decent time and do some back squats.  Good thing is.....I was going to have a forced rest because I was going to be working Open - Close and found out that now I do not have to go in until 11...which means...I get to train in the AM!!!!!  Holler at that!!  Get better...


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