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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Why are there things that I can work at so hard, yet see little improvement on?  It makes me fell like I can't get to the level I wish to be at even with all the work I am doing to get there. 

I feel every one has something they feel or have felt this way about, and when relating it to CrossFit it may be a movement or a specific WOD.  One that you work towards improving on but it just never seems to be good enough.  I am a person who HATES the word can't!  But the above is not referenced to not trying... but failure to achieve what I feel is achievable.  Inside I know I will achieve it but I want instant gratification or at least a change that shows I am moving, somewhat quickly, in the right direction.  I try all the time but can't seem to get over the hump I have created.  One that moves me from average, in this movement, to elite.  A fortunate thing is that many movements that are difficult for some came more naturally to me including pistols and HSPU.  I took to these right away.  But, the specific movement I speak of is one that has ALWAYS been around and one that we all do daily unlike flipping upside down to push ourselves up or squatting with one leg.


They have been holding me back for a LONG time.  Ever since I tried my first one when I began CrossFit.  I lifted heavy weight since turning 15 where I began benching (like most people),  and by the time I was playing football in college i was cleaning 300# and squatting just under 500#....yet I was never told to deadlift....everyone always said how dangerous it was.  And now.....here I am stressing about my mediocrity.  I do not want to be mediocre or use the word can't.....but I feel by regionals there are many people better then me at this movement and I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!  I want to be the best just as the next guy does, and that cannot happen if I am not ELITE in the movement.  To me that is well over 500#.  The most I have ever pulled is 455#....and that was not to long ago.  So I see the gains there, but the WOD that has me feeling my gains are not truly where they should be is because of the Regional WOD!

Deadlift 315
Box Jump 30'

This is my nemesis.  The WOD that if I can crush will make me feel unbeatable.  Something I do not see happening for a VERY LONG TIME at my current pace....especially when my time is still much slower then what I did AT Regionals last year which I did today after deadlifting 445 x 3:

My time
(5:21 @ regionals - or close to that)

I STARED AT THE BAR!  Feeling incapable of doing any more without adequate rest.  WHY?  Why so hard, why slower, why do I struggle so much at this.  ALL YOU DO IS PICK IT UP!  Simple, unless your body tells you otherwise when the weight goes up....now that I let that out.....I can promise one thing,  I will crush it....and when i do.....WATCH OUT!



  1. Unsolicited advice:

    Given that your weaknesses seem to be deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and rowing, there seems to be something wrong with your "hip hinge." Have you considered Westside style posterior chain work? Doing good mornings and glute-ham raises as assistance work may be the trick you need.

    I've been doing the same thing for my shoulders/triceps, and seen significant progress in handstand push-ups. And a five pound press PR after being stuck for about a year.

  2. Dude, pick your head up and just work hard everyday as you have been doing! You can't be great at everything, and you bro are good at a lot of things. People would love to have all the abilities that you have man. You are a phenomenol athlete and I look up to you man. I'm barely 20 and I hope to get some huge gains and PR's from working hard just as you do. Looking up to athletes like you gives me motivation and drive. So, please do not stop what you are doing and push your limits every training session because there are tons of us who get stoked when we see athletes like you doing amazing things man.

  3. Thanks guys. I just found the settings so it allows me to post. For some reason it was only allowing subscribers and I was not a subscriber. Anyway....thanks!