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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recovery Day

I had plans to do some work but once the day got busy and I had to hammer some things down so the day was busy.  After the 5:30 class I worked on some Hand stand work and then:

4 x 500 M Row

I did 2 of these at a 1:55 pace and the other 2 at about a 1:40 pace.  Worked on technique and moving around a bit.  Other then that I stretched a lot and was busy all day.  I am planning to go sign up today at the Globo gym here and put some work in.  Should be a good day.  I will have an update later. 

On a side note I had a HUGE box of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans that I had for the competition and I never opened....so.....the last few days has been full of handfuls of these.  I am getting to the point that I hope they run out soon.....this that many Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans cannot be good for you....but the taste amazing!


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