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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Late post...you challenge and FS

Getting ready for bed so this wil be short and sweet. Busy day....all day. Workouts went like this:

5 Rds
10 ball slams 20# on 20' Box
16ft Double KB Overhead walk 53# each
10 Double KB G2OH 53# each
16ft Double KB Overhead walk back

My time


You Challenge

75 DU's
25 ft Handstand Walk
30 GHD Sit Ups
25 ft Handstand Walk
75 DU's
25 ft Handstand Walk

My time

Then at home:

Front Squat 5 rep

The last set of 305 was rough. I then hit a FS WOD:

10 Min AMRAP
5 Front Squat 185
12 Hand release push ups

My score
10 Rds

That's all with a lot of running around doing fun business stuff in between. Tomorrow.....the globo gym!


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