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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Globo Gym Super Sets

Back to the basics....remember the days of super sets, I LOVED THEM!  Well, I went back to my roots today.  Still got stares though.....maybe it was the weight vest?  I started with sprints on the basketballs courts:

Basketball Court Gasser (Down Back)
10 Gassers
Wore 20# Weight Vest
-2x Rest-

This was a nice change of pace.  After this I did my super sets, I went at a good pace but rested to fit in with the crowd.

5 Sets
5 Power Cleans 185 Touch and Go
5 Bench Press 185
5 Pull ups 20# Vest

No time, after this I increased the bench and did something real crazy there.....people were thinking I was real weird:

3 Sets
5 Bench Press 205
10 T2B

I did 10 T2B the 1st set, 2nd set 12 T2B, 3rd set 15.  I went unbroken on the T2B and then I headed to the showers.  Kept it low intensity but still wanted to get some work done.  Fun day!


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