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Saturday, January 7, 2012

First full day in Florida

We got to Florida yesterday and when we arrived, said hi and then headed to the local CrossFit box for a WOD: 5 x 5 Single leg squats 135# I have not down these for a long time a d did not want to go to heavy because I knew they would make me sore. I put my opposite foot I was using on a bench and then squatted with the other leg, then switched and that was 1 set. About 1 min rest between. After this: Death by Pull Ups My score 20 Rds + 11 I started to tear I'm 3 spots and tat mentally hurt me....but I would not have gone much more. That was almost all I had. Today we went and zipp lined at a ropes course near my families. It was the first time doing this and it took about3 hours to get through the whole thing. There were 2 500ft zip lines that were awesome. After we got back my wife and I went on a run: Around the neighborhood Our time 16:20 5 min Rest 5 min max hand release push ups 4 min max air squats 3 min max v-ups 2 min max burpees My scores 112-151-68-33 Nice to workout with the wife and be in such awesome weather 70-73 degrees all day! Get better and prepared for next weeks competition in Indianapolis! NU

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