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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Farmers Walks & Burpees

I feel like crap.  The whole day yesterday my nose was running and it would not stop....today I feel fatigued and congested.  I am not used to getting sick and blame it on working RETAIL EVERYDAY!  I got to the box and decided to work strictly on strength because I was so warn down from this sickness:

OHS 3 Rep
225 x 3
255 x 3
275 x 3
295 x 2 (FAILED 3)

This felt very heavy and 295 was a 1 rep PR before and I got down in the squat on rep 3 and just could not stand with it.  I know I can get 305 x 3.  After this I did some Deadlifting:

DL 10 Rep
275 x 10
295 x 10
315 x 10
335 x 10
355 x 10
385 x 9 (I QUIT)

My grip was shot and I struggled on rep 8 and 9 and just let go.  I was pushing hard though but moving very slow.  I liked the feel if hitting a 10 rep.  Then I changed my mind and decided to hit a short WOD with the new Jerry Cans we got in the box that were the ones used in the Games. 
Jerry Can

40 Ft Jerry can Carry Down
40 Ft Jerry can Carry Back
Max Burpees with remaining minute

My score
63 Burpees

I walked the cans down, set them down and then turned around and walked them back and did burpees with the remaining time.  The way my body was feeling made me go VERY slow on the burpees...but I really liked carrying the Jerry Cans.  Tomorrow will be very busy and I will take off unless I can get something in quick in the AM.  Friday I am excited because I will be flying out to Orlando to see my family!  Hope to find a good box and Get Better in the warm weather! 


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