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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Training with Shefferly

Anthony Shefferly came to the box today and we got some good training in together.  He always gives a little extra push.  We started with the Box WOD:

EMOTM 15 Min
2 Power Cleans
1 Jerk

My weight

I did not fail any lift except on minute 14 I failed the 2nd clean and then I did it again within the minute so it still counted.  I did not think I would be able to get through 5 minutes let alone the entire 15 minutes with that weight.  Great WOD.  Next:

5 Rep Deadlift
435 x 4

Failed hitting my 5 rep goal.  Then:

Max Reps @ 405#

I was happy with 7 but have a goal of hitting 20!  It is doable and I will get it.  We then jumped into a deadlift WOD....we did a lot of pulling:

7 Deadlifts 275#
35 DU's

My score
8 Rds + 4 Deads

I thought that I would get around 6 Rds but I was able to move the 275 fairly easy even after all the deads we did.  Finally we finished with some Max reps:

5 Rds
Max Wall Balls
Max rep weighted Pull ups

My scores
Wall Balls: 55-43-41-40-45
Pull Ups: 35# - 44# - 53# - 53# - 53#
Reps     : 9       7        6        5       6

The pull ups were tough and the wall balls are a mental battle.  I have never done that many Rds for unbroken Wall balls before.  I had to jet after this to get my daughter but we later went back to the Box for a nutrition seminar and I rowed some before it started:


Not a crazy row just needed to get a row in since I was at the box.  Butt hurt.  Good night!


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