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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tin Man & Main Site

I had wanted to do the WOD "Tin Man" for awhile after seeing Rich Froning do it.  Tougher then I thought it would be.....let's just say he crushed my time!

Tin Man
5 Rds
5 Power Cleans 205#
5 Bench Press 205#

My time

I want to say you do this WOD at body weight but he scaled up 10#'s and I decided to use the same weight he did so I went with 205.  He did it in 2:36 right before the games...he beat me.  I liked it though, power output WOD.  After this I did:

5 MU's

I wanted to hit some MU's but was not feeling to hot on them so I only went for 5 Min.  Then I did:

Main Site
5 Rds
9 Deadlifts 135#
6 Hang Power Snatch 135#
3 OHS 135#

My time

NOT HAPPY WITH THIS....It was much tougher then I thought with only 135#.  I need to work on my grip with middle weights.  I then worked on some  Front Squats:

Front Squat 10 Rep
165 x 10
205 x 10
225 x 10
245 x 10

In between each set of squats I did:

15 GHD Sit ups
2 Rope climbs

These were not for time and I rested as need.  I just went unbroken on GHD and when I hit the ground after my first rope climb I jumped right back up.  I did 4 sets of this.  It took just under 20 minutes to go through all of this.  I decided to stop at 245 because it hurt!  Then I finished the day with:

Tabata Push Jerk

My scores
13 high
9 low

I did push jerk because I want to get used to dropping slightly under light weight.  I have a habit of push pressing or pressing everything....even when it is heavy and I fatigue faster then I should.

I then headed out and off to work until the wee hours of the night.  YAY WORK!


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