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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plymouth "Globo" Gym

I made the test run.....I had stopped in about a week ago to what the people here call "the lifeplex".....building dreams and bodies.   Not sure if that is their catch phrase but it should be.  I went in today with the free day pass they gave me.  Awkward is a good way to explain it and I did not even do a WOD!  First you can see EVERYTHING because of all the mirrors.  I was not planning be down in the workout area because I was wanting to use the facility for the indoor track.  So I went up and ran:

2 Miles (14 Laps)

My time

I ran the first mile in 7:49...an easy pace and then on my final lap I picked up my pace.  Instead of leaving....even though 2 miles is not much...I headed to 1 of the workout areas.  I turned my bar to face the only wall without mirrors....and instead I faced the pool through the glass windows.....upscale.  I put 185# on the bar:

8 Back Squat 185#

I was short on time so I did some squats.  EVERYONE was staring at me.  This was the most un-crossfit thing I could have done and I thought I would fit in....then I realized....I had taken my shirt off, was dripping in sweat, was struggling, constantly looking at the clock, and bent over in the crossfit (hands on the knees position). ........It would have been cool if that was true, but it wasn't!  I will say that by the way they were staring at me I should have been like this.  I never thought I would be uncomfortable in a gym let alone looking at myself in a full size mirror that seemed to be everywhere you looked.  I am fighting with myself as to whether I should sign up or not.  I will make a decision soon....I mean, they do have nice showers and couches in the locker room!  Selling point! 

Tomorrow I have the day off and Anthony Schefferly is planning to head up to train some which should be a good push for me.

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