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Saturday, December 31, 2011

EMOTM Front Sqauts

I got home from work last night at a decent hour, giving me enough time to play with my daughter...talk with my wife...sit down and eat dinner together...relax...and then get some work in.  I kept the volume down:

EMOTM 12 Min
5 Front Front Squats 225#

I was able to hit every Minute pretty easily.  The only issue was that my back was tight from all the deads and I fatigued there pretty quickly.  After the squats I went up to the living room and hear is what it looked like

Chels decided to take a pic in the middle of Rds.  I was doing:

5 Rds
1 Min 30 KBS 2 POOD as the goal
-Rest 1 min-

My score

This was the best I have ever felt doing this.  It may be that I am mentally tougher or I am better at KBS.  But I see hitting all 5 Rds coming in the near future!  After this I showered and headed to bed.  Today I am hoping for a GOOD Dumbbell WOD.  Maybe DB's and KB's (Double).  Should be a blast....hopefully I do not chicken out!  Get better, don't chicken out!


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