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Monday, December 19, 2011

Crown Point Competition 2011

The wife and I headed out to Crown point for the Firebreather 2011 Competition.  62 competitors which was quite a bit more then last year....which last years competition was my first Crossfit Competition and I took first so i wanted a repeat.  The added bonus was getting to compete with my wife!!!!  We started off at about 10 am:

Deadlift Ladder
315 - 505 (going up 10# every :20 sec until you cannot hit the lift)

My weight
455 (5th Place)

455# shows I still need a WHOLE LOT of work.  After this was an interesting one that was worse in person then on paper:

95# Thrusters
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
-between each set-
30 M Walking Lunge 45# Plate
30 M Sprint

My time
6:50 (1st Place)

Then came the final event before the cut was made to the top 5 athletes:

AirForce WOD 95# Barbell
4 Burpees to begin and EMOTM until completing
20 Thrusters
20 Push Jerk
20 OHS
20 Front Squat

-immediately into-

3 Min Max Ground to Overhead

My time
4:48 (1st)

My weight
275 (1st)

I was in the final heat and had a time of 5:58 to beat so after the first minute I knew I could rest for a few seconds before the next minute to save my lunges some for the G2OH.....which was much HARDER being so fatigued.  I hit 225# which felt like 300# and then hit 255#....I had recovered quite a bit by the time I did 275# and that was my goal weight. 
The final WOD was next and the top 5 moved on.  Rules changed though....now it was winner take all for $1,000!!!!  The WOD:

Final WOD
3 Rds
5 Power Clean 165#
10 KBS 1.5 Pood
10 Box Jumps 24'
15 Burpees
15 OHS 135#

My time
10:47 (1st)

The competition was awesome and was well worth the Prize of $1000!!!!!  Look forward to the comp in January!


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