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Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy and Heavy Front Squats

Yesterday was a day off but I did not stop.  With the wife gone, training myself, others, Jada, and running around if was a FULL day....So lets get into the training portion:

2 Rds
20 Pull ups
25 Box jumps 30'
30 Deadlifts 185#
35 Burpees

My time

I was more focused this time then the other day and felt a lot better doing the WOD.  After this I did:

Front Squat 3 Rep Max
315 x 3
325 x 3
325 x 3
Above is my 2nd attempt at 325#. 

The squats felt good and I felt strong but decided to stop here.  Next week I will push the envelope!  I ran out of the box after this and I had to come back for our competition Group and we ended up doing a WOD:

3 Rds
2 min AMRAP each movement
Thrusters 135#
Box Jumps 30'
Hand Release Push ups
-2 Min rest-

30 Minutes of work was rough.  This was a good one for some mental fortitude.  We also had about 20 people doing it which made it that much better.  After I needed to dead but my tank was running low:

5 Rep Deadlift
405 x 5

I worked up to 435 and planned to hit 455 x 5 but after pulling 405 I realized it would be smart to drop down and hit a lighter weight so I went 405 x 5.  When you throw in a crazy WOD like the last one it can effect some other aspects of your training.  Still a good training day.  Plan on hitting some tonight after the little lady goes to bed.


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