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Monday, December 5, 2011

AF Wod 7 and EMOTM Squats

I decided to to do the AF Wod this morning. To bad I really was not focused and took a lot of unneeded rest.....sooo....I may make that my run through and redo it.  Plus it was a really good WOD:

2 Rds
20 Pull ups
25 Box Jumps 30'
30 Deadlifts 185#
35 Burpeess

My time

Painful.  The combos really shot my posterior chain and I actually broke up my 2nd Rd of HSPU which I did not expect to happen.  I may do this again on Thursday.  After this I have NEEDED to Squat so I took some time to do some squatting today.  I was in a rush and again had no spotter so I did:

EMOTM 10 Min
Back Squat 315 x 3

This was tough as always but I could have went heavier and a lot longer.  20 Min would have been ideal.  I have this now in my programming every week.  We will see how the results add up.  I had about 10 minutes until I head to leave so I did:

Death by Pull ups (starting at 8)

My score

I hit 16 and felt good but had to get out of the box.  I wanted to hit a decent number but not hit failure completely because I have some more pulling planned for tomorrow.  That will most likely be it for the day unless I squeeze something in somewhere tonight.  Good training day tomorrow with not a lot I have to do mid day so I should be at the box for awhile!  Love those days. 


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