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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Run around Trinity

I had a busy day at work and had no time for a WOD if I wanted to get a run in. So I walked in the dor while my wife was finishing dinner and said I'm going for a run....in my best man voice. And she said ok, but your wearing a vest....I had told her I wanted to wear one on my next run. So I did:

Run around Trinity School (20-25# vest)

My time

I have done this run a lot I. The past and this was my first time doing and sort of distance running in a vest and it really takes your breath away (I did not weigh it but know it was beween 20-25#). About 2 minutes in I thought about doing 200 m intervals instead because I realized once I ran around the school I had to run back! Glad I chose to finish because I ended up getting in a groove and picked up the pace on the way back. The run is about 2.5-2.7 miles and has good scenery. Need more of these!


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