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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Wife knows Best

Lat night me and my wife had a good talk about training.  She said, "You had told me a lot about what you wanted and felt like you needed in order to win the Crossfit Games, and since then we have not talked much.....but some of those things you have not done or looked into.  I don't want you to forget!"  WOW!  Ok....my wife is right.  I learned a lot from the Games and I have done a lot to get better and have noticed many positive things out of what I have been doing.  But...on the flip side there are still things I have not done, or not done fast enough. 

We continued talking about A LOT.....it was nice to see how much she cares and believes in me.  She is the one person over any one in the world I want to believe in me.  I work very hard at everything I do and it means nothing if she does not notice or believe in what I am doing or how I am doing it.  It put a huge smile on my face and I was ready to do the things I have not been doing. 

At the end of the conversation I was complaining about how I ALWAYS ask people to give me WODs or work out with me and very seldom do I get either.  Mostly I want something different......a different that I don't think of.  I feel I do a good job of programming and pushing myself but there is something unique about another persons perspective and push they can give to you....even if they are far behind.  Their eyes on me makes me go....wondering what they are thinking and that I have to catch them or keep pushing farther away from them. 

It will be nice this week because I will get a variety of training partners with one being Dan Bailey.  Him and I have been trying to plan a time to train together and everything seems to fall through.....but.....I took off work and he has 2 days off during the week so I am going to Columbus to get a couple days of work in with him.  This is something I seldom get to do....train with an elite athlete....I train with Nick Fory on occasion and those are the best times and hardest push I get.  I am looking forward to this week to see what we do and how hard I can go!

Now to my training.  My wife made me some WODs after my pitty party and the one I did was harder then I thought:

135# Push Press
135# Front Squat

My time

-3 Min Rest-

500 M Row (comfortable pace)

-3 Min Rest-

Death by Strict  pull up
once I fail continue with Death by T2B

My score
8 + 5 Strict pull ups
13 + 8 T2B

My lats were real sore this morning and not sure why.  It made the push presses tough and I really felt it on the pull ups.  Light day today, not sure if I will do anything tonight. 

Last night I did my KBS and did 45 for a few sets.  Ill go 50 next time.  Get better in new ways EVERY DAY!


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