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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Heavy Squat Cleans

My lats and back have been sore the last few days. I knew doing MU's and deeds would be tough but I had to try. I wanted to beat 14 Rds on the AF WOD that I did the other day. I rolled out my lats but they were still really sore......why?....I seriously am not sure why, though I must say I like it. Means I am getting better. So here is is:

2 MU
2 deadlifts 335#

My score
13 + 1 MU

I had almost 2 minutes left when I finished RD 13. I had 1 failed MU.....then came bad news. I got 1 then failed....and failed...and failed..get the picture. I was shot....there it ended. I was not mad just disappointed. My wife was more disappointed in me though and said it looked like I wasn't having fun and I was just going through the motions. She was right, I knew I was sore and it would be tough and was pushing to not fail....I failed, yet I was cool wi it. I will crush this WOD the next time we meet! Next I jumped in the class for some heavy squat cleans:

10 EMOTM 2 Squat Cleans
275# Min 1-4 (Failed min 4)
255# Min 5-10 (5 reps min 10)

275 got rough quick! I failed 4 times at 275 on Min 4 so I dropped to 255. Before the final Rd I challenged Chels and said I could do more reps then her in the final minute....she accepted, I won but she pushed to failure and would have won if not for a failed rep. I got 5 and she did 3. Fun stuff.

I went on a long walk with family today and now am about to watch a movie with the wife and eat some popcorn. Off tomorrow and then heading to Columbus to train with Dan on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not looking forward to burpees. I am hoping the last couple of days of light work will have me well rested for my training session. Also, if anyone is interested in our competition on Saturday at Crossfit South Bend....email me or go to the Crossfit south bend website for details and come join us and jump in on the You Challenge WODs as well on Facebook.....it is also now under competitions under beyond the whiteboard....a good way to compete against awesome athletes!!!!! Get better everyday!


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