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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!.....= Bloated and Deadlifting

Well, Thanksgiving is about to be over....a great day in Indy with an early morning and arriving back at home late with a lot of non-Paleo in between.  In other words....when I got home I NEEDED a WOD...yet VERY bloated:

Power Clean 135#
Bar facing Burpees

My time

I had a bar malfunction in Rd 1 where it kept rolling for the first 5 or 6 reps until it finally found a resting place during my burpees.  I then had to make a decision, deadlift before bed...or wait in the morning with a chance of not being able to do it because I have to be at work early for black Friday with no true end time in sight.  Well, I chose Deadlift:

5 Rep Max
445 x 4 (FAILED 5)

I actually did not attempt 5.  I began getting light headed and my back was not in good shape with a cat like arc forming so I left the bar on the ground after 4.  I must say though...if I was not so bloated I would have went for 5 and the weight did not feel to light especially this being 10# less then my 1 rep max that I first did last night and the most I had ever pulled before that was 435.  So we can say I have NO idea what my true 1 rep max is but I will find out soon enough once I feel confident in my 5 rep which I would like to be at 475 in a few months.  BABY STEPS FIRST. 

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!  Get better and I am glad this day is only 1 time a year!


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