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Friday, November 4, 2011

Front Squats x 5

Today I had some time in the morning before class to jump in on a WOD.  I arrived early to hit some strength.  I wanted to Front Squat and tried a EMOTM:

Front Squat 225 x 5 EMOTM 10 Min

I warmed up and then hit this.  It was a good burner.  I was not sure how this would feel considering I THOUGHT 225# would feel light.  I was wrong....as I got farther into this I was dreading grabbing the bar.  Plus my back was sore from all the deadlifting and it was hard to keep my core tight.  Good squatting session.  Next the class WOD:

3 Rds
:45 Burpees
-:15 Rest-
:45 Walking Lunges 45# Plate
-:15 Rest-
:45 Sledgehammer Swings on Tire
-:15 Rest-
:45 Gasser

My score
Rd 1: 92
Rd 2: 79
Rd 3: 72

This was a much better WOD then I had anticipated.  I blew myself out though on the burpees....I nearly got 30 and then could barely breath for the lunges.  I needed that to see how my body would react to the other work.  The gassers were worth 10 points if you could get a full one in the :45.  It was about 40-50 M down back, down back for a full gasser.  It is always nice to do WODs with a class or someone else to get a push that you cannot give to yourself when you are alone.  I really enjoy that. 

Tonight I will be doing KBS.  I started a progression where every couple days I increase my reps.  The other day I warmed up and did 41 reps unbroken with a 1.5 pood.  Not even close to a PR but now I am going to do 1 more every time until I fail.  My goal being to get to 100.  I know I am right around 70 right now and that is not good enough....need to get better!


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