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Friday, October 7, 2011

Work Work Work...and AF Challenge 1

Sometimes it feels that all we do its work, and with the new iPhone launch happening that is what I will do for the next 2 weeks of my life.....WORK!  Mandatory work open to close all weekend and then next weekend while working allow.....leaving what I would rather have work be, training, sitting on the side.  So...after work yesterday, and after the lady who puked on our floor, because she had a relapse was taken to the hospital,l I jetted home and then to the Box to hit the Again Faster Challenge WOD 1.  I was so excited to do this even though rowing is the single movement I COMPLETELY despise.  i break down mentally and it just HURTS!  This was the only thing I could do:

150 Air Squats
150 Air Squats

My time

I do not like to ROW!  It hurts.

I have dedicated to myself that I will be Rowing everyday until i can tolerate it or enjoy it.  This is what i did with running long distance and not I enjoy it....let's hope it works.

This morning I woke up early and hit a WOD in my basement before a FULL day of work.  I did a Main Site from a while back which I had already done, but I knew it would be quick and painful.  I am not sure if it was the WOD from yesterday or if it was something else but i did horrible and felt horrible during this WOD:

135# Power clean
Bar-facing burpees

My time

I did this mid 5's last time and was not happy with that time, so seeing this was really humbling.  I am hoping to get another good WOD in tonight before bed, but that will all depend on when i get out of work.

As for my 10 day challenge it is going well.  I am feeling god and I believe this is day 8 or 9.  I will have to look back in my posts to see.  I am not going to cheat on day 11....instead try to carry over and keep going with it,  We will see how long that lasts.

Just checked and saw today is day 11 for the 10 Day Challenge to myself.  Happy to get through it, I did have some Paleo cake that my wife ordered.  SHe bought a piece for $9!!!!  A piece, and did not want to finish it....I was not going to let that go to waste so I ate it.  But, I considered it ok because it was Gluten free.......loop holes I know.  In any case we will see how long this will be going on.  Also, I have been getting e-mails about my diet so I will be posting soon about what that looks like in detail. 


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