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Monday, October 3, 2011

This past weekend...Life asRX Competition

We had a busy weekend last week with traveling to the north side of Chicago and competing in the Life asRX comp....but it was a blast.  it was my wife's first competition and I am SOOO proud of her.  She really enjoyed herself and is ready for more.  She also learned a lot as Everyone who competed probably did.  The WOD's were very basic and pretty much 1 move is what effected the outcome for most.  I was a little upset the day of because there was a WOD with a lot of GHD Sit ups and I was STILL a wreck from Wed nights GHD WOD so I knew that would not go very smoothly  All Wods were scored by reps....which I will explain how this did not make sense later:

400 M Sprint with 90# Sandbag
Row for Calories with time remaining

My calories

I am not a fan of rowing nor or this WOD.  The top calories rowed was 107!  Crazy....I bet they like rowing!  I believe I got 14th in this WOD.  Next came the death of me:

10 Axel bar Deadlifts 225#
20 GHD Sit ups
40 DU's

My score
4 Rds + 2 Deads

I had so much trouble on the GHD machine after RD 1.  I was in agony and had people asking me after if I had a hernia.  I am not sure what place i got but I know after it I was still in 14th overall.....so I did not do to well!  Then:

14 Box Jumps 30'
10 KB Snatch 1.5 pood

My score
5 Rds + 4 BJ's

This was a good one but in the middle I smacked my shin...as I know many who did in this WOD...and that left me in some pain afterward but still a good WOD.  I was 2nd in this WOD.  They then took the top 10 Men and women to the final.  I moved up to 7th overall and my wife missed the cut.  The final WOD

A side note.  I was on a team as well during the competition and about 10 minutes after I did WOD 3 I had to do it again for the team comp.  It was:

10 Min AMRAP
14 Box jump 30' / 24'
10 KBS 1.5 pood / 1 pood

Our Score
10 Rds + 8 BJ

This was fun and I did the WOD with Carrie from CrossFit Indy North (not sure if I spelled that right).  She did awesome and this cooked my legs and lower back as if it wasn't bad enough doing it 't bad enough the first time around.  the nice part was only one person worked while the other rested until each completed a full Rd.  Then came the final WOD:

50 M Prowler Push down
50 M Prowler Push back
5 Power snatch 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
5 Power cleans 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
5 Thrusters 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
50 M Prowler Push down
50 M Prowler Push back

My time 10:08

This was an AWESOME WOD.  I ended 4th overall.  Not 1st like I wanted  but a fun time with friends and family.  I am not sure on the prowler distance but it was far and on a horrible parking lot.  Loved it though.....quads and lower back were trash after this.  There was a 15 min cap and every second away from 15 Min was a point.  So if you finished in 14:59 you got 1 point.  The problem with the scoring was that WOD 1 and 3 had little bearing on the results.  Since the scoring was reps mine looked like this:

WOD 1: 91 points
WOD 2: 282 points
WOD 3: 124 points

A little disproportionate and I even had a bad score on 2.  There were people in the mid 300's.  So someone could do REALLY well in 2 and not have to do to well in 1 and 3 and still be in the top.  Just an interesting scoring system. 

I learned a lot also....I NEED to row more even though I despise it....I NEED a prowler because that CRUSHES the quads, and I need to push when I do not think I can push.  Get better at everything and be prepared for anything.
After the comp my lower back and quads were tight so I decided to take the day off on Sunday other then my burpees:

5 Rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 2 pood

My time

This was the fastest I have done it and of course it hurt! 

Today it was my wife's first day of work and my daughters first day at day care so I stayed home and helped while she got ready.  I did not have to go in to work today until 12 AM so I went in to do the class at the Box.  The WOD was good but I tweaked it a bit....and that made all the difference:

9 Rds
5 Thrusters 115# (went up to 135#)
5 Strict chin ups
5 burpees

My time

I went slower then I wanted but was unbroken.  After Rd 5 I would look at the bar a bit before picking it up.....the 20# changed the WOD for me.  I will do some KB work tonight and then I have a BIG day planned.  Not all programmed out but i have a good 5 hours at the Box if I choose to stay that long.  Then I will be hanging with the baby!  Getting better and learning on the way.


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  1. A bit delayed, but out of curiosity, I recalculated the results from Life as Rx to see how different the results would be if they scored by Rank instead. Interesting to note 3rd and 6th place would have never competed in final event. Double unders during wod 2 turned out to be pretty important!

    Name Rank(by reps) Rank (by rank)
    Phillip Kniep 1 1
    Nate Beard 2 4
    Ryan White 3 15
    Nick Urankar 4 5
    Bobby Noyce 5 2
    Tyler Tisue 6 13
    Colin Cartee 7 3
    Todd Nief 8 6
    Jason Rice 9 7
    Brandon Bocianski 10 8