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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tabata Deadlifts and MU's

I woke up early this morning to head out to the 5:30 am class to teach.  It was a small class so why not join in!  The WOD was a good one.....the main reason I joined in.....there was rowing involved!  Without further adieu:

For time
1000 M Row
5 Rds
30 DU's
15 Sandbag Cleans 85#

My time

This WOD was very difficult.  In the later Rds I was going in sets of 3.  My Row was finished in 3:32.  After this I did You Challenge:

Tabata Deadlifts 315#
-:30 Rest-
Max MU's

My score
MU's: 6

I took some time and then did an old Main Site WOD I liked and I was feeling the effects of the day:

Box Jumps 24'
Power Snatch 75#
C2B Pull ups
-2 Min rest-
Max MU's

My time
Mu's: 6

I need to look back at times for this WOD to see what I got.  I feel I can go a lot faster.....I was SLOW.  I was not sure what to do next after this but ended up choosing some Front Squats:

EMOTM 10 Minutes
7 Front Squats 185#

The last couple sets of this were brutal.  I liked it and headed to pick up Jada after this.  Then while at home I figured why sit around while she naps and do nothing....even though I was watching the CrossFit games on ESPN.  I ended up pausing it and went into the basement to do:

2 Rds
1 Min Max Power Cleans 155#
-1 Min rest-
1 Min Max Squat Cleans 155#
-1 Min rest-

My scores

Power Cleans: 15-12
Squat Cleans: 10-10

I started to lose my grip here.  i really need to be working on my grip a lot more.  I noticed how bad it was on the C2B today when I kept wanting to fall off because I could barely hold it.  That is not a good thing. 
I am not sure if I will do anything else other then burpees tonight but we will see...


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